Lake Ogallala

Here’s a picture of Beautiful Lake Ogallala in Nebraska, one of many stops on the Big Morrowlife Vacation. This was one of the prettier places. Maybe a not-so-pretty one tomorrow.

The Blog is back! Unfortunately, I’ve been working like a dog this evening on updating the podcasts on my iPod, and it’s incredibly late and I have to get up incredibly early, so this is about it for today. Suffice it to say that our internet connection is up and running, the Home Network is cooler than ever, and the WiFi doesn’t work on the train, thereby messing up my carefully-laid plans for getting the blog done on the way home. Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

See you tomorrow with some actual vacation information. Thanks to all the Loyal Readers for keeping things going in my absence. And welcome to Rob, Loyal Reader Number Thirteen. I’ll get you mentioned over there on the right tomorrow. And don’t forget to send me a picture.

Lots of Book Club updates sometime this week too. I got a little reading done on the road.

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