As promised yesterday, here’s a not-so-beautiful campground view. This one’s in Lyman, Wyoming. It’s much nicer than the campground in Wells, Nevada, but I failed to take any pictures of that one. No big loss there. On the other hand, this one does have just a little bit of rugged charm to it.

Of course, the lack of Wells pictures means I also missed photographing one of our more beautiful stops – Angel Lake. It’s way up in the mountains outside of Wells and worth a look. There are a couple of Forest Service campgrounds up there, with some spaces big enough for our trailer. However, the water supply wasn’t working when we were there, so we weren’t sorry we couldn’t be up there. Those beautiful, rustic Western campgrounds sure made us miss camping the way we used to do it, though. Fortunately, we’re back in the west and can actually do it the way we used to do it now. And we will.

Here’s a link to somebody else’s picture of Angel Lake. Of course, mine would have been much superior if I had only remembered my camera that day. And another link with pictures and description. We had a great afternoon there. The water was very clear and we could see a lot of fish of various sizes swimming around. Loyal Readers One and Two discovered a few large schools of minnow-sized fish and decided to try catching some. LRN1 caught about a dozen with his bare hands. LRN2 tried hard but had less luck. He’s pretty good when you put a rod and reel in his hands, though.

I’m still disappointed to report that there’s still no working WiFi on the train today. The good news is that there’s now a second network showing up. The bad news is that I now can’t get an IP address from either the old one or the new one. It’s getting worse. The possible good news is that the presence of the new network just might mean that they’ve started installing the new, faster connection. It might just be a matter of days! Remember, things always look darkest just before they go completely black the dawn.

The upshot of the lack of any network on the train is that I can’t do justice to Morrowlife. My intention is to work on Morrowlife on my way home from work, giving me plenty of time to make it interesting and fun, as opposed to its current state. Hopefully, not too many days will pass before that dream becomes reality. Of course, I’ll have to take writing lessons too.

As promised, I’m adding Rob as Loyal Reader Number Thirteen today. Have a look over there on the right and let the mind boggle. Welcome, LRN13. Now prove your loyalty by leaving another comment or two.

Update to the Morrowlife Book Club tomorrow. I finished two of those books over on the right during the cross-country jaunt and am nearly through another one Not Yet Pictured, featuring some of Wodehouse’s golf stories. Sneak peak: it’s highly recommended. My Loyal Readers will have a terrible time keeping up, I’m afraid.

The Secret Undisclosed Location looks better every day. There’s still a long way to go, but we just might get there from here.

See you tomorrow.

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