Here’s Loyal Reader Number One looking very relaxed during our recent Family Camping Experience. The trailer looks a whole lot better in pictures than in person, that’s for sure. This was taken at the Lyman, Wyoming KOA. As mentioned yesterday, it wasn’t the world’s greatest campground, but at least we had nice soft grass underfoot. And their WiFi worked.

Greetings from the Ace train! Well, not exactly. The WiFi still isn’t working here (negative function all week now – grumble, grumble, grumble), but it occurred to me that I’m perfectly capable of typing in some text into WordPad on my laptop and then transferring it to Blogger when I get home. I’m really getting frustrated with the computer situation on the train. All my dreams of High Productivity have been dashed for now. Incurable optimist that I am, I’m hoping they have the new high-speed system working by next week. How hard could it be? Assuming they have the hardware they need, it ought to be a simple matter of hooking it up at this point. So what’s taking so long? Maybe Loyal Readers One, Two, and I should bid on the contract.

The Pool People sprayed the cement into our hole in the ground today. Loyal Reader Number Four tells me it’s really starting to look like a swimming pool now. I’m looking forward to seeing it when I get home this evening. We learned this afternoon that they’re planning to come back and do the tile work on Monday. If this keeps up, we’ll be swimming by next month! And not a moment too soon.

It’s the weekend! As much as I enjoy riding on trains, not to mention how much I’m enjoying my job, I’m ready to spend a couple of days at home. There are a million things that need to get done. Blinds (most of which are turning out to be defective – more about that a little later) need to be installed on every window except three bedrooms, which I installed the night we got back from the Sea-to-Shining-Sea campout. That still leaves a lot of windows. Next, I need to put my own stuff away. LRN4 has been really good about getting literally everything else out of the box and even putting a lot of my stuff away, but there’s still lots of my junk lying around waiting for a home. Then I need to attack all of those boxes in the garage. The Suburban must get inside! It’s never lived under cover in its seven-year lifetime, but we finally have a home for it as soon as I can get all those confounded boxes out of there, and I’m anxious to move it on in.

A couple of notes on recent books. The Adventures of Sally was the usual lighthearted P.G. Wodehouse brilliance. It consists of young British and American Upper-Class Twits meeting, falling in love, traveling all over the world, and getting into amusing, perplexing situations. Even though all of Wodehouse’s books pretty much have the same plot, each one is charming and incredibly entertaining. I find myself liking the characters so much I’m sorry to get to the end of the book. Maybe that’s one reason I’ve enjoyed the Jeeves series so much – when one story ends there’s always another with the same old familiar friends.

I’m getting near the end right now of a slightly different but just as entertaining Wodehouse novel, called The Clicking of Cuthbert. This one is a series of mostly-unrelated golf stories which, of course, generally revolve around young, rich British Upper-Class Twits meeting and falling in love, but this time they do it on the golf course. The common thread throughout the book is the golf club’s Oldest Member telling all the stories. It’s incredibly amusing and incidentally makes me want to start playing more golf. I couldn’t possibly be playing less golf, so there’s nowhere to go but up.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend.

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