Leaning Andy

Here are Reader Number One and Your Humble and Obedient Servant at the Hopewell Furnace. That was really an excellent day and an interesting place. I think we can pretty safely say this picture wasn’t taken by me. Sadly, I don’t know who to credit. It’s either Loyal Reader Number Two or Number Four.

I finally fixed the door on the bottom of the planter box in the back yard. After only one and a half years! It took about half an hour. It’s funny how you get motivated by the desire for money. Come to think of it, though, that’s the only reason I go to work too.

I also fixed the pond again. Both pumps had basically stopped pumping. I took some things apart, based on what I’ve discovered in the past, but finally found out the filters were both just really full. Apparently, the fish have been pooping at a record rate. Good work, fellas!

I also found Whitey again. He hadn’t shown up at mealtime for a day or two, and we were getting worried. I noticed him when I was working on the filters, and he popped up again when I fed the fellas this evening. Had quite an appetite too. I’m really going to miss the fellas when we’re gone.

Reader Number Two and I went over to my friend Mike’s house to help him take the snowplow off his tractor and get the bucket back on. He’s a lot of fun to visit because he owns literally everything, most of which he bought on eBay. He showed us his new military water-supply bags today. They hold a hundred gallons each but fold down to about the size of a small pillow when empty – perfect for food storage. He’s in a little bit of trouble health-wise. We’re hoping and praying for him.

We have a house showing tomorrow morning! It’s really good to get the first one out of the way – it makes it feel like we’re making progress. Of course, one of our garage door springs broke this evening, just in time for the first showing. We have a serviceman coming tomorrow in the early afternoon. I guess we’ll have to leave a note for the suckers guests telling them not to open the garage door. Reader Number Four is seriously worried about what else is going to break before we can get this place sold. “Pretty much everything” is my guess.

We’re planning to take a quarry tour tomorrow during the showing. Our local quarry is having an open house and we need someplace to go. Besides, we’ve always been curious as to what exactly is going on in there.

Time for bed – I missed out on ice cream tonight. See you on Monday.

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