Here’s an old blockhouse interior at Cape Canaveral. In fact, this blockhouse was used for some of the first launches. The sad part is that it looks very much like the stuff we were using in our blockhouse for years after I joined the Atlas program.

I really need to get out and take some new pictures. I really need to go somewhere interesting where there are pictures to be taken. What kind of attitude is that? Aren’t there many beautiful and interesting things right here at home? Probably. We never appreciate what we have right now.

Two groups of potential buyers have come to see the house. One of them liked it but not enough to buy it. The other liked it very much but has a house to sell before they can offer. The search continues. Fortunately, both of their real estate agents liked the house very much, so we can hope they bring other people over soon.

The listing’s up. Have a look.

The guys came on Saturday to fix the garage door springs. The cost was pretty high, but it was done quickly and well, so I’m not complaining. They guy was very pleasant too. Other competent and polite guys showed up today and put in the drain system we had ordered to correct a drainage problem beside the house. That price was reasonable and the quality of the work looks excellent. We’ll see how it really is next time it rains hard. Now we’re just waiting for the granite countertop installers on Thursday and all the scheduled (and unscheduled) work will be done.

We went to the neighborhood quarry for a tour during their open house on Saturday. We had house visitors, so we needed to get out, and we had been curious about this particular quarry, so it seemed like a good idea. It was a good idea – the place is interesting, the people were very anxious to answer our questions, and we got a free bagel and glass of juice. It’s a pretty big quarry and will get much, much bigger before it’s used up. They’re good neighbors – you can’t see the quarry at all from anywhere other than the air and they don’t really make much noise – but I’m certainly not crazy about all the dump trucks on our local roads. The quarry began operation after our house was built, so it’s pretty new. It was a farm before that. One interesting thing I learned is that they will sell rocks to anybody. I had just assumed they wouldn’t sell less than a dump truck load, but I was wrong. Now if I only needed some rocks.

They found us a place to stay for our temporary housing in Sunnyvale. Actually, it’s in Santa Clara, but that’s close enough. It’s about six miles from work and appears to be in a very nice apartment complex. We also got our flight reservations today. We’re out of here in the morning of Saturday, June third. That’s well under a month now.

Come to our garage sale next Saturday! We’ll have lots of junk for you to buy. I just hope somebody takes some of it off our hands. Please.

It’s after ten o’clock and time for me to go to bed. ‘Night.

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