Here’s James Monroe – well, at least it’s a statue of Monroe outside of his old house near Charlottesville, Virginia. Maybe it’s time to clean the statue. I hope he looked better than this in life. It looks like he has leprosy.

No post yesterday. This getting ready to move stuff is really time-consuming. I’ll keep trying to stay on schedule, though.

Loyal Reader Number One talked his mom into buying a dual-layer DVD burner at Staples yesterday. It was only thirty bucks, and it appears to be a really good one. It’s an “internal” drive, but we’re going to use it with my Mac, so we need to buy an enclosure soon – probably a firewire one. LRNO thinks he can find one for about twenty-five dollars, which will result in our having gotten this thing for a very attractive price. He hooked it up to my machine using his test cable, and the Mini recognized it right out of the box. He burned a DVD, which works perfectly, so we’re in business! I’ve really regretted not getting a burner in my Mac ever since I got my video camera, so now the self-recrimination can end. Our long national nightmare is over.

We’ve been selling a bunch of stuff on eBay. Reader Number Two is our agent, for which service he gets to keep all the money, if any. So far, he’s sold two books and made about fifty bucks. Not too shabby. We’re also getting to be much better eBayers. We’ll be selling the whole house full of stuff before long. In fact, Reader Number One has been posting model railroad stuff all evening. He’ll probably make a few dollars.

The new countertops come tomorrow! Reader Number Four has wanted granite for quite a long time, and now she’ll have it – for about three weeks. We will really need to get it in California.

It’s way too late again, so I’m quitting. See you tomorrow.

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