Here’s an old-fashioned wheelbarrow, not too unlike the one we hope to sell at our garage sale (link warning – lots of sound!) on Saturday. Buy, buy buy!

I listened to a few moments of Reader Number Two’s jazz band practice tonight. They were formed within the last few days and they’ll have their one and only performance tomorrow night. It should be good, though. Too bad they can’t stay together longer (another link warning – music clip).

The granite‘s in the kitchen! Reader Number Four wasn’t too sure she was happy with it, but I think it will be just fine. Now this place will really sell. If not, we’ll just keep covering things with granite until it does. I had to reinstall the garbage disposal and hook up the water supply and drain lines. Got it done and leak-free in about forty-five minutes or so.

I’m getting very tired of being in Newtown. I want to start my new job! Only three more weeks left, of which one will be spent in France. My last trip to Europe, hopefully. Not that I don’t like it there, but I’ve been there quite often for the last few years and I can’t stand the flight anymore. I’m ready to start working with laser beams.

It’s late, as usual. Isn’t it ever early? Anyway, time for bed.

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