Here’s the statue of Lenin in beautiful downtown Leninsk.  AKA Baikonur City.  They’re still fans out there.  That little mass murder rap is just incidental.  No big deal.  Part of my famous Statue series.

Drove to work today.  I had a dental appointment first thing this morning, and obviously couldn’t make any of the trains.  So I drove.  Only took a little over an hour to get there.  Took a couple to get home.  Made it just in time to pick up the missionaries for dinner.  We had a very nice dinner with them – we have a very nice couple of young men right now.

I finished packing up my office this afternoon for tomorrow’s move.  I can’t say I’m exactly happy about the move.  But nobody asked my opinion.  My new office is about the same size as my old one, so I can’t complain.  We’re just hoping they’ve finished modifying and cleaning up the new area before tomorrow.  Especially since they’re starting demolition on the old area on Monday morning.  Let’s hope we’re not working in the hallway next week.

It started raining again today.  We’ve had charming weather lately – beautiful from Monday through about Thursday, and rainy every weekend.  Great weather if you’re a duck.  Or LRN2.  He loves it.  I suspect it might be because he doesn’t have to mow the lawn when it’s raining, but it’s always possible his foul weather preference is sincere.  Comment, LRN2!

I’ve started listening to some of my gazillion (conservative estimate) old-time radio Christmas shows.  Just finishing up an old Archie show.  Mildly amusing.  And certainly Christmas-y.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this heart-warming food-related crime-fighting story: empanadas save the day!

See you tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Lenin”

  1. Mark Says:

    That’s an excellent story.

    And my foul weather affinity is true!

  2. Shannon Says:

    The link won’t work for me. And I can attest to Mark’s love for rainy weather. He really loves it even when he doesn’t have to mow!

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