Liberace’s harpist

Here’s Liberace’s harp-playing statue. Taken at the Wedding of the Century and part of my famous Statue series.

Well, March has come and gone. It was a beautiful day today, so it must have come in like a Lion. I don’t recall that, though. But it must be true – old wives are never wrong.

Fairly standard day. It’s Meetingless Tuesday this evening for me, although Loyal Reader Number Four is out doing a Girls Camp first aid training session.

Loyal Reader Number Two has been feeling pretty sick the last couple of days. Pretty much cold symptoms and a bit of a fever. He has my pity (link warning: sound). Fortunately, he was able to go take his two-day state-required tests yesterday and today in spite of his discomfort. Didn’t sleep well last night, though.

I ordered the Apple TV for our bedroom today. I sure hope we love it. It’s actually pretty reasonably priced, considering what else is out there. And it’s very hackable. I already have my Boxee installation thumb drive loaded and waiting. I’m excited to get it. Should be here about the time the new TV arrives.

Thanks to the Loyal Readers for their comments. Loyal Reader Number One and I have started planning a summer project, as he mentioned. We’re going to turn his RC truck into an autonomous vehicle, hopefully with GPS navigation and active collision avoidance. I think it’ll be a lot of fun.

Or did I mention that yesterday? Don’t remember and don’t want to look it up right now – the train’s in the mountains and internet connections are spotty. So it stays and my Loyal Readers have to suffer. As usual.

No toilet news or food violence today. We do have a food-related controversy, though. Would you buy this? More importantly, would you eat it? Could you eat it? My answers: probably not, possibly, and definitely.

See you tomorrow.

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