On the dock

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two, sitting on the dock of the bay. Well, standing on the dock of the river, anyway. Part of my famous Camping series.

No April Fools’ Day post. Thanks to Anon for noticing. I had to work for a couple hours after I got home and then there was the new TV to set up. Which seems to be working fine – played video through it from a DVD player and it looks and even sounds great. I’m especially gratified about the sound – flat panel TVs have a nasty reputation for their sound quality. The TV even has a good number of inputs, including two HDMI ports, composite video, and even coax cable. Very good.

Slightly sad news though – the FedEx guy showed up today with the Apple TV, and both Loyal Readers were in the shower. Sigh. We have to wait until tomorrow now. Double sigh.

But nothing can bring me down too much this evening – it’s vacation time! I’m off for ten whole days. We’re camping for six of them, as previously discussed.

The rest of the days will be the busy ones. We have our cheese factory tour tomorrow mid-day and then a few couples over for dinner in the evening. Plus, I’ll be installing the Apple TV and playing around with it, of course.

Saturday, Loyal Readers Numbers Three, Five, Six, Twelve, and Fifteen are coming over for the day. That’s right, LRN3 and LRN15 are in town for a few days for LRN15’s birthday, which is today.

Speaking of which, Happy Birthday, LRN15! We’re happier than you’ll probably ever know that you’re a member of our family. Especially since it was by choice! You join Loyal Readers Numbers Four and Six in that distinction. What were you all thinking?

Anyway. Saturday is also General Conference. We probably won’t get to see much because of the visit, but we can easily go back and see the missing sessions on BYU-TV.

Sunday will be the rest of General Conference and a Stake leadership training session in the evening.

Then we’re off on Monday morning for six days of fun and frolic, followed by Easter at home with LRN5, LRN6, LRN12, and my brother Chris with his Special friend and her two children.


We don’t have many plans for the campout. I hope to geocache a time or two. Might bring the RC helicopter again. Its battery is pretty short-lived, but it’s fun to fly for the minute or two you get at a time.

I hope to do a bunch of reading, hiking, and napping too. Emphasis on the reading and napping.

LRN2 went to the doctor’s office today and was given antibiotics. We hope they do the trick Real Soon Now. And LRN4 and I hope he keeps it to himself.

No food violence today, but I do have a Very Special Morrowlife Controversy: How do my Loyal Readers feel about this? My answer: No answer. Do you think I’m crazy or something?

Important Morrowlife Disclosure: If my Loyal Readers ever wonder why I stay out of the cleaning supplies, it’s just that I’m trying to save my marriage.

Official Morrowlife warning: blogging is highly unlikely next week. The probability of wifi being available in the park is very low. I’ll try to get something lame (as usual) posted from the exclusive Treo if at all possible. Otherwise, feel free to keep things going in the comments and await anxiously for my return. I’ll be here tomorrow, though, so Cold Turkey doesn’t start for a while.

See you tomorrow.

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