Loyal pet

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Four with our loyal pet. The photo was taken a few years back when I was away on a launch campaign. The LP had just gotten her summer haircut and the family needed to show it to me. Very nice.

Wow! I haven’t posted since Tuesday. It’s been one of those weeks. Stayed late at work every night, had a church meeting on Wednesday after I got home, etc. Fortunately, my Loyal Readers haven’t exactly been clamoring for more of my famous Marginal Content.

Well, Loyal Readers One, Two, and Four have gone and done it. They’ve left for Sugarloaf for Loyal Reader Number Twelve’s much-anticipated arrival. They took off at about 8:00 this morning and will be gone for two weeks. Two whole weeks! What will I do? How will I survive? What will I eat?

Well, I’ll be fine. And Loyal Reader Number Five needs them much more than I do. Besides, I still have my loyal dog. Maybe I can train her to bring me things. But probably not. Maybe I can train her to eat without dumping her food all over the carpet. Probably not.

– Later –

Watched a few video podcasts netcasts tonight, ate some taquitos and eggs, and talked with LRN4 and LRN5 (briefly) on the phone. The trip seems to have gone well – it took about 7 hours, which is what Mapquest predicted. So there’s something for you.

Enough for tonight. See you on Monday.

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