Loyal Reader Number Twelve Arrives

Was there any question in any Loyal Reader’s mind what today’s photo would be? Welcome to Loyal Reader Number Twelve! She was born on Sunday morning, November 5, at about 7:30. Isn’t she cute? Congratulations to Loyal Readers Numbers Five and Six. I can hardly wait to see them in a couple of weeks.

So it was an exciting weekend. Although it was kind of quiet for me, as I was home alone with the Loyal Pet. She did her best to keep it exciting by pooping on the carpet. Otherwise, I did a little work on things around here, did a little reading and movie watching, worked on Linux configuration issues, jacuzzified once, went grocery shopping, attended a very nice baptism, and taught a bunch of nine-year-olds in Primary. Otherwise, nothing much going on.

I stayed up too late last night and let myself sleep in a little this morning. It didn’t help the commute any, as there were a couple of accidents along the way. Still, I got there by the time I needed to be there. I’m planning to get up a little earlier than usual tomorrow to split the difference. Need to get to bed shortly.

Had lunch at a nice little sushi restaurant near the office today. They had a lunch special that included a few pieces of California roll, some tempura, and some teriyaki. I ate at a sidewalk table – the weather was perfect – and enjoyed the meal and the break. Had an average drive home at the end of the day, although I spent most of it pleasantly on the phone with my brother Chris (alas, not a Loyal Reader but a Good Person nonetheless). Made a delicious TV dinner when I got home and I’ve been enjoying the Family Home Evening watching old Mythbusters episodes with the Loyal Pet. Good times.

Well, Mia Fever has such a grip on me that I have nothing else to write about today. Check the HRVA for a new poll. Oh, and take the poll! See you tomorrow.

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