Loyal Reader Number Fifteen

Here’s the official picture of Loyal Reader Number Fifteen relaxing with Loyal Reader Number Twelve! That’s right, we finally have our fifteenth Loyal Reader, as my more astute Loyal Readers may have noticed way over there on the right. Welcome, Melissa. It’s your special Morrowlife day!

LRN15 has actually been a Loyal Reader since Halloween, although I had no idea. She mentioned a couple of days ago that she had made a comment on the 20 October post and she wondered why I hadn’t acknowledged her Loyal Readership yet. My only excuse is that the comment wasn’t actually made until Halloween, and I didn’t notice. Maybe I’ll have to get Blogger to send me an email when someone comments. I think that’s an option.

Yikes, am I in trouble with the Loyal Readers. Very sparse posting this week. That’s why I’m using the wonders of Blogger to add a Friday post, even though it’s technically Saturday evening right now. Sorry about that, LRs. It’ll never happen again.

It was indeed a Happy Thanksgiving. We went to Loyal Reader Number Six’s Aunt Misty‘s house in the evening and had a great dinner with fine company. Before that, we went Down the Hill, as they say here in Big Bear, and visited with my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Morrell Snowball. They were at my cousin Chris’s house in Redlands, with whom we also visited, along with her husband Dick. My cousin Cindy and her family were also there. It was great to see them all. We hope to do more things with the Southern California family now that we’re back in California. We especially hope to have a lot more visits with Loyal Readers Numbers Three, Five, Six, Twelve, and Fifteen.

We haven’t done a whole lot besides the Thanksgiving visits. I got my truck washed (it looks great, although a bird has already managed to mar the effect with a well-placed shot to the hood) and LRN3 and I got his car washed (also looks great) and got a new dome light bulb installed. It had been burned out for about a year, he reports. It was cheap and easy, but that’s one of those things that just seem hard to get around to – you only think about it at night when the auto parts stores are all closed. Besides, life’s busy.

Otherwise, I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping and playing with LRN12. What a doll! I’ll be sad when she’s not around every day anymore. Fortunately, she’s coming to spend the month of December with us! I also walked down to LRN5’s and LRN6’s under-construction house. It’s still just concrete and wood, but it’s coming along nicely. They hope to move in by February or March. We hope so too, since their current place is just too darned small. And a little bit funny. But at least it’s convenient.

How did my Loyal Readers spend the holiday weekend? Comment!

See you on Monday.

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