Organ loft

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two checking out the organ pipes at a big old church in Modesto a few weeks back. We were there for the annual “Pipes and Pizza” event. I guess this isn’t the best picture of LRN2 I’ve ever seen, but it is a unique perspective, I think we’ll all agree.

Greetings from beautiful Big Bear, California! Actually, we’re staying in Sugarloaf, but that’s essentially the same thing. We drove down yesterday – a very pretty drive through orchards and empty spaces. If it hadn’t been for the heavy fog most of the way, it would have been even more scenic, I expect. The fog went away after we got over Grapevine Hill and went down into Palmdale, which was 80 degrees and sunny. We ate lunch and got gas there. It’s quite a bit cooler up here in Big Bear – maybe in the fifties, but it’s still sunny and beautiful. We’re at about 8,000 feet up here. The Suburban is way down on power at this altitude and so am I.

This is the first post of the week! Sorry about that, Loyal Readers. I have no excuse for Monday. We traveled yesterday and visited until pretty late. I tried to use our hosts’ WiFi this morning, but their modern, up-to-date system won’t do WEP encryption and my antiquated old WiFi card won’t do WPA. Since I need to use my laptop for work a little bit this weekend, I decided I needed a new card. Went to Radio Shack and found an older-model card on super sale. It was plenty recent for me, so I bought it, plugged it in, and it works great! Now my laptop has 802.11G speed and we can set up better encryption when we get home. Cool.

Loyal Reader Number Twelve turns out to be just as cute as they all say. I’m holding her right now, in fact, while Loyal Readers Numbers Four and Five make some dinner and dessert. It’s a little bit hard to type one-handed, but I don’t mind.

– Later –

LRN12 and I just woke up from a nap. We both really needed it. And now it’s time to quit. See you tomorrow.

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