Typing lessons

Thanks to the wonders of Blogger, I’m typing this Friday post on Saturday evening. It’s been a pretty decent weekend so far. As predicted on Thursday, I stayed home on Friday. It was nice spending the day at home. I spent a lot of the time working on getting ready for Loyal Readers Numbers One, Two, and Four. I also drained about two inches of water out of the pool. It had gotten overfilled during the rainstorm the other day. Then I welcomed home the family! A couple of hours later, Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two left for a church overnighter, which they enjoyed.

Today, LRN4 and I got a bunch of things done. She straightened up the game room, in which I set up our old relic of a crib. It still looks pretty good, though. She also shuffled the guest room furniture around, after which I put up a couple of pictures. It’s great getting ready for company – you finish things that have been hard to get to. We also got the pool water tested (too much chlorine – I guess I shouldn’t have shocked it yesterday) and did a bunch of other little things I can’t remember right now. And now we’re watching last year’s Monk Christmas Special, which we all agreed was one of the lamer episodes. So we’re watching it again. Hmm.

I think I’ll get back to Monk. See you tomorrow.

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