Here’s a rather old picture of various Loyal Readers enjoying an al fresco luncheon during a camping trip. Happy times.

I found the post! Here it is:

– Tuesday –

Thought I’d get started a little early today. I’m writing this on my Palm a few minutes after 9:00 a.m., while I wait for my computer to finish updating itself. They send us updates from time to time, and today’s is a doozy. It’s installing the latest versions of Quicktime and Java Runtime, and they’re both taking forever. I think it’s been roughly half an hour so far, and it shows no signs of finishing anytime soon.

Oops, I was wrong. It just finished. Now I can get back to work. No, wait. The computer has to restart itself first, so there’s another five or ten minutes. I just love Windows. There were a couple of pretty massive updates waiting for my Mac last night, requiring an unusual reboot. The whole process took about three minutes and worked perfectly. Why do so many people waste so much money and time on Windows computers?

Anyway. We’re expecting Dave the landscaper and his associates to finally show up again today. Loyal Reader Number Four got concerned yesterday that they hadn’t been around in several days since the last time she gave them a large amount of money, so she called Dave’s cellphone. It was disconnected. Uh oh. So she called the number on the business card they gave us. The guy who answered claimed it wasn’t him who gave us the business card. Uh oh. However, he thinks maybe his son took some of his cards and was going around with Dave trying to drum up some business. LRN4 asked him to call Dave and have him contact us immediately because we were planning to make fraud complaint with the police on Tuesday.

In the meantime, she looked up the address Dave had given her. It appeared to be phony. Uh oh. Goodbye, money.

However, I looked up the address again and it turns out that he had just given her the wrong zip code. Then Dave’s stepmother (?!) called and promised to come right over. She never showed up. She finally called pretty late last night and promised that Dave would be there today and get back to work on the project.

He better. And he better fix the things he hasn’t done right so far, or there will be no additional payments made and there will be fraud complaints filed. That probably won’t help, of course, but we’ll do it anyway.

Okay, the computer is working again, so I’ll finish this at home tonight.

– Wednesday –

It’s Wednesday go to meetin’ night now, so not much more.

Landscaping update: Dave never showed up. Tony, Dave’s Dad, is working on the project now and has promised to do it and do it right. We’re cautiously optimistic. He had somebody here working on it all day and has promised to continue tomorrow. Progress!

That’s all for now, Vladimir. See you tomorrow.

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