Here’s the obligatory statue of Lenin in the town square in Leninsk, the nearby town to the Secret Russian Rocket Base, where I used to go pretty frequently. I suppose he wasn’t quite the mass murderer that Stalin was, but he wasn’t too nice a guy either. The Russians sure don’t know who to admire and who to shun. I thought for a while they were figuring it out, but recent world events have them coming down once again on exactly the wrong side of pretty much every issue. I am so glad I don’t go there anymore.

We’re off for four days tomorrow! I’m looking forward to the vacation and seeing family in Utah again. We used to get to visit fairly often when we lived in Denver, but it wasn’t possible during our East Coast years. On the other hand, I really regret that we can’t see my family in Michigan anymore. Sigh.

I had my three-hour interview for my top-secret clearance today. Yikes. I’ve traveled abroad quite a bit, and they were very anxious to know all about it. Fortunately, I never went anywhere in Europe and Russia without a US Government monitor. Nobody can pin anything on me, seeing as how there’s nothing to be pinned. I don’t expect any problems, of course, and it’s heartening to learn that they’re moving so fast on the investigation.

I don’t know if there will be an internet connection there, so blogging may or may not happen. In any case, we’ll be back on Tuesday. See you (no later than) then.

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