Mad dog

Here’s an older picture of Loyal Pet Number One, back when she still had her red harness. She just can’t look fierce no matter how hard she tries.

No post yesterday. We went to the annual Oakland Temple pageant and didn’t get home until way too late to blog. Tonight was Wednesday-go-to-meeting night, but I have an obligation to my Loyal Readers, so there will be a little something here.

The pageant was very nice. There was a good spirit about it and we approved of the story. High points: great sets, very fine special effects (angel appearances were especially well-done), good singing from the balcony choir. Things to work on next year: the orchestra’s horns weren’t really with the program, the angel dance didn’t really fit in, and some of the rest of the choreography was too ambitious for the skill level of the dancers. Taken all together, though, they did a very nice job and I’m glad we saw it.

Loyal Reader Number One’s weekend campout at the Chain Lakes was officially cancelled yesterday. They couldn’t find enough adults to go. However, a few of them are going unoficially tomorrow anyway. LRN1 was looking forward to it so much that he’s decided to go, in spite of the unofficial, uninsured nature of the event. Have a good time, LRN1!

Quiet day today. I stayed at work about forty minutes late, having driven again today. I got home about fifteen minutes later than usual, so it wasn’t the worst possible drive.

I’ve started re-watching an old movie called The Milky Way, starring Harold Lloyd, one of the few silent film actors who was just as good in talkies. It’s a cute story about a wimpy milk truck driver who accidentally knocks out the middleweight champion and becomes a big-time boxer without ever realizing he doesn’t really know how to box. Recommended.

We’re seriously working on getting LRN1’s web-based homeschool time logging program on the internet and being used by a wider audience. The immediate goal is to get maybe half a dozen beta testers, followed by widespread use at their school. After that, it will hopefully be ready for a wider homeschooler audience next year and possible money-making. There’s a lot of work to be done in the short term to get it ready for even limited beta testing use, but I think we can have it ready by the time school starts. It won’t be as pretty as it will eventually be, but it should be working. LRN1 needs to get the email functionality working, I need to get the website up and running with access to the application and a help/suggestion/discussion forum working, and Loyal Reader Number Four is working on a draft website design. What with all the campouts coming up in the next week or two, it will be a challenge, but we’ll make it.

Loyal Reader Number Two is spending the night with a friend. Have a great time LRN2! And what assignment would you like in the time-logging project?

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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