Big Sur river yet again

Here’s one more look at the Big Sur river. Have I mentioned it was a beautiful place? Well, it was. That’s the ocean way back in the background.

Terse post tonight. Possibly even perfunctory. It’s late again and I absolutely must get more sleep tonight.

I’ve started listening to The Innocents Abroad again this evening. I had downloaded it and listened to the first 25 chapters during our trip home from Mesa a few weeks ago. We never finished it, so I will now. Very amusing book and highly recommended, as is everything written by Twain.

I figured out the perfect job for Loyal Reader Number Two on the data logging project: he can write the help and readme files. He’s an excellent writer. Now I just need to get everybody working on the project. It’s really easy to dream and talk about doing something like this, but it’s a lot harder to actually do it. I think the key to success (link warning: BYU Forum address on how to write – video and sound version) in lots of things is just to sit down and do it. It has to be something somebody wants, of course, but a lot of good ideas die before birth. I’m trying to make sure this one doesn’t. Get to work, Loyal Readers! Me too!

See you tomorrow.

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