Speed limit 15

Here’s a campground road somewhere in Virginia. It was raining that day. May 26, 2003, to be exact. It pretty much rained every time we went camping in Virginia, but we always had a great time anyway. It sure was hot and humid, though.

Friday’s here! It was my “on” Friday, so I worked a full day and accomplished a bit. Took the Miata, which wanted to overheat. I can seem to stop it if I either turn the heater on full blast or turn the air conditioner on full blast. Any theories, Loyal Readers? I have just one, and it’s not the thermostat, which would be unaffected by the a/c. I think it has to be the cooling fan. Which is unfortunate, since I don’t really know how to fix that particular problem. Off to the shop it must go.

Otherwise a quiet day, as are most. We’re going to the stake Pioneer Day celebration tomorrow morning. Maybe I’ll remember to bring my camera and capture some Great Art. Or maybe not – I remember hearing somebody tell us we need to be prepared to get wet. And my camera is definitely not prepared for that.

Anyway. I need to do some work on the new website, so have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

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