French kiddies at play

Here’s the carrousel out in front of the Hotel De Ville in Cannes. I asked Loyal Reader Number Two whether this picture had appeared on these pages previously. Neither he nor I could remember, so I’m putting it up in lieu of doing any research.

Short Shrift mode again tonight. I stayed at work until about 7:20 this evening, after having arrived at about 7:05 this morning. Long day, that. Fortunately, though, I accomplished everything I set out to do. But it was already late when I got home.

Loyal Reader Number Three, one of my esteemed partners in the Gardenville Software venture, weighed in on the Waterlogger project, offering his services. I gave him the partially-done logo to either complete (the hard option) or figure out how to do better (either the easy or the very hard option). I really like Loyal Reader Number Two’s design (I really like all of his artistic endeavors – he has true talent in that line, as does LRN3) – I’m just having a little bit of trouble getting it properly scanned in and colored without a bunch of ugly Gimp artifacts. Good luck, LRN3!

Otherwise, progress on Waterlogger is slow. I mentioned to LRN3 in an email this evening a saying I read recently: The difference between doing a good job and doing a bad job is much smaller than the difference between doing a bad job and doing nothing. Good quote. We’ve started doing something now, so we’re bound to have success. Just need to concentrate.

Loyal Reader Number Four left for Girls’ Camp this morning. Sadness reigns around the Secret Undisclosed Location. We hope she’s already having a great time and that the week turns out to be a highlight of her summer. And don’t worry, we won’t eat all our meals at restaurants. There’s no time for that. Maybe one or two, though.

And it’s time for Family Home Evening activity. We’re jacuzzifying, of course. See you tomorrow.

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