Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve playing with her toys. The good news about that is that she and Loyal Reader Number Five will be here sometime this week! Hooray!

No post yesterday. I just got too busy. And what was I busy doing? This. The front page now links to WaterLogger. Of course, the application’s not there yet, but there are forums for it and the “About” screen has been updated too. Progress, however small, is still progress.

Traffic‘s been bad this week. Not much fun at all. There’s just one more work day left, though, and then we’re off on an overnight campout.

The boys are doing pretty well keeping up with their assignments for the week. Keep it up, Loyal Readers!

And speaking of Loyal Readers, we have a new one! Let’s all give a big Morrowlife welcome to Chris, our newest addition to the list over there on the right. As soon as he can find a picture to send me, we’ll have his Very Special Day.

But not tonight. I’m off to bed. See you tomorrow.

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