Madonna amphitheater

Here’s the amphitheater at Mt. Madonna. Part of my famous Camping series.

The blog is back! Due to unfortunate technical problems beyond my control (stupid old Blogger), Thursday’s post didn’t make it here until sometime today, and I didn’t even bother trying on Friday. Thanks very much to good old Anon for noticing. Twice.

The weekend went pretty much as planned, except that it rained pretty much the whole time (yea for the farmers), so yard work was limited, no pool or pond filters got cleaned, and LRN4’s car wash was delayed to next weekend. On the upside, LRN4’s brake rotors got changed, the Honda’s oil got changed, and the brakes on the Honda and the Miata were inspected (and passed). Lots of other stuff too, none of which comes to mind.

Oh yeah, I also installed Linux back on Shemp after MediaPortal didn’t survive installation of the new monitor. Linux didn’t work either – jumpy, unviewable video playback – so Windows went back on. Sigh. There’s still a bunch of configuration to finish. Again. Let’s hope I get it working once and for all Real Soon Now. On the other hand, at least it’s an entertaining hobby.

LRN1 and I did some work on the Robotic car. Well . . . he did most of the work, but I provided backup. It now drives itself, following a pre-programmed sequence of events. Pretty cool, but not nearly enough. Oh, no. It must have sensors. And brains. Well, simulated brains, anyway. I spent some time on the way home from work this afternoon jotting down a few notes on an inertial navigation system. Need to buy a two-axis accelerometer and start programming it up. I’m also thinking of a simple simulation of the system, probably on my Linux virtual machine. Or maybe on my phone – it would be way slower, but I could work on it on the train. We’ll have to see how it goes.

The Loyal Readers were here for the weekend. Always nice to have them here. LRN6’s back is bothering him – stay healthy there, LRN6!

Otherwise, slept, commuted, worked, commuted, ate, and had home evening.

Started listening to the April General Conference on the iPod this weekend. I usually get much more out of it the second time. I’m into the Saturday afternoon session already, having heard both the Young Women and last October’s Relief Society meetings in addition to Saturday morning. Should finish it up within a couple of days.

There’s highly important toilet news today: they’re lifesavers! Recommendation to airport managers everywhere: pile up the porta-potties at the end of every runway.

See you tomorrow.

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