Making sandwiches – April 28, 2002


Here’s Shannon making sandwiches for the family on April 28, 2002. I count nine sandwiches there. We must have had a bit of a crowd. Great Art courtesy of my old SiPix camera, taken in the kitchen of our house in Virginia, and featuring my beautiful, wonderful wife Shannon. Serving us, as usual.

My mom and I got a few things done today. Mostly for me. We got my beloved pickup and the Mini smogged and washed. I then got online and renewed both of their registrations. Not cheap, but done. We also went over to the auto upholstery shop and picked out a new fabric for the beloved pickup’s seats. The guy there wasn’t able to get the original fabric, so we had to pick something close and he’s going to replace four panels instead of the one we originally expected to replace. I’ll take it back to him on Sunday to get the work done.

Let’s see, what else got done? I paid a couple of bills and worked a bit more on getting my bank account website set up to take over paying the bills. Making good progress in that area. I still need to get started on this year’s taxes. Sometime in the next few days for sure.

We didn’t really do anything regarding organizing Shannon’s things today. There’s already been lots of progress in that area. I think the next thing I need to look at is the craft shelf in the garage. There’s no rush, of course, but it makes me feel busy and happy and I feel very comforted as I go through her things, choose the truly important ones to keep, and find a way for the rest to bring happiness to someone else.

The loneliness is starting to build. I’m ready to ride it out, I think, but it promises to be a very difficult ride. Family is helping.

And it’s very late, so I’ll end here. See you tomorrow.

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  1. katie Says:

    It still seems impossible when I look at pictures of her. I love you.

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