My family – April 2002


Here are (back row, left to right) Katie, Paul, Sandy, Scott, Shannon, Belle; and (front row, left to right) Annie’s friend (sorry I don’t remember her name), Andy, Mark, and Annie. Great art courtesy of my old SiPix camera (probably) and taken in our family room in Virginia by I have no idea who.

We had a nice weekend. Fewer tears than before. Andy, Paul, and Melissa got to their various destinations on time and had smooth flights. My mom got here on Sunday just about on schedule after a pleasant flight in first Class. We’ve enjoyed being together and I think it continues to be helpful to keep my mind occupied. She’ll be here until the 21st, I think.

Katie, Cliff, and Mia left today! I’m so sad. Katie has been such a stalwart support to me. I keep trying to remember that she and all the other kids have lost their mother and are suffering greatly because of that, but all they do is comfort me. I’m just overwhelmed by their love and concern, and Katie’s right at the head of that pack. I love you Katie! Thank you for caring more for me than you do for yourself. I miss you already.

Chris was here yesterday for the day and again today in the early afternoon. He was attending the funeral of a dear friend here in Las Vegas, so he took the opportunity to visit us too. Thanks, Chris!

My lonely moments continue to come regularly. There are so many things I want to talk with Shannon about. It’s absolutely killing me that that’s not possible.

Strangely, I have also been feeling like I’m living in Shannon’s house more than in my own place. Even though I know it’s our home, she created everything here and she put everything where it is and it’s an extension of her presence in a very real way. I’ve always loved living in her house, but for some reason, I currently feel kind of like a visitor. I’m sure I’ll get over it soon, but that’s a feeling I didn’t expect.

Katie gave me a card yesterday or the day before that Shannon had written and given to Katie sometime within the last couple of days before her death. I’m overwhelmed by it and so grateful to have it. The message is sweet and full of love. I’ll treasure it always.

Shannon also wrote me a Valentine’s Day card that Katie gave me this evening. I’ll open it on the 14th and feel her presence with me once more. How I miss her!

I guess I have nothing else to add tonight. Other family members continue to call. We’ve received several cards and electronic messages from family members and friends. I feel truly loved. Thank you to all.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. katie Says:

    We had a long but uneventful drive home. We loved being with you! And we’ll plan to come see you again as soon as we can. I love you, Dad!

  2. Paul Says:

    I look so happy! I also noticed that everyone is dressed up except for me in my Metallica shirt. Hooray for me! I’m unique!

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