Mayan statue

Here’s LRN1 with a statue in a museum somewhere in Guatemala. I presume it’s Mayan. That’s LRN1 over there on the left. Great Art courtesy of LRN1’s fellow missionary and part of my famous Statue series. UPDATE: Also part of my now-famous Guatemala series.

The weekend has begun! I worked moderately hard this week and expect to work much harder this weekend. There’s tons to do. I need to replace the front brakes on my beloved Honda – they’ve been squealing, which I believe means they need to be replaced. It has over 52,000 miles on it now, so that’s not surprising. What is surprising is that it’s still on its original tires. Not much longer, though, I fear. Need to start saving my money. Those Michelin Pilots get expensive. And nothing but the best will suffice for me, of course.

Also need to fill a couple of cars, wash one, and . . . ummm . . . Oh, man – I had a whole list of things in my mind. Can’t remember any of them. They’ll come to me, though.

LRN4 continues to enjoy her trip to Utah. I miss her more each day. Only four more days until she’s home!

And I’ll leave you with this shocking food violence news: legislative egg toss!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Mark Says:

    Legislative Egg Toss wbagnfarb.

    Just in case you were wondering.

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