Head banger

Here’s LRN1 in his first missionary apartment, standing directly outside the bathroom door. Notice the headroom under the door. He reports that he’s whacked his head on numerous doorways so far. Keep a weather eye out, LRN1! You may need your head someday. Part of my newly-famous Guatemala series, as was the previous post (without even knowing it!).

Incidentally, that toilet looks like it’s going to be about ready for its next cleaning in a week or two. It probably won’t get it, if I know anything about missionary pads.

LRN4’s home from Utah! She’s doing well and we were very glad to see her. Her flight arrived 20 minutes or so early, so it was lucky that I was already at the cell phone lot. I got there with about fifteen minutes to spare, got LRN4’s call, went and parked in the short-term lot, and got inside the building before the luggage started coming out, so it worked out perfectly. Welcome home, LRN4! We really missed you.

LRN4 is taking off again in a mere 18 days, and this time she’s taking LRN2 with her. What will I do? Probably a lot of relaxing, but that’s not the point. I’ll miss them. As mentioned before, I’ll be joining them for the last couple of days of the last leg of their San Diego – Mesa – Las Vegas trip and then enjoying the drive back home with them. Should be fun. I’ll just make the best of bachelorhood for the first ten days or so. Survival: Lardville. Maybe it’ll be a new television show. I don’t think I’d watch it, though.

Anyway. Busy and enjoyable weekend. It was warm and sunny – downright hot today, with highs in the mid-80’s. Got a little bit of useful stuff done and a lot of useless stuff. I’m still struggling to decide whether to try to finish the autonomous RC car or start work on a software-only project. Decisions, decisions. So many possibilities.

We’re expecting warm and sunny weather for the rest of the week, by the way. I wonder if the spring rains are over. The hills have already gone decidedly brown, so I guess they think it’s summer now. Assuming hills can think, that is.

Got the front brakes on the Honda replaced today. It turns out they still probably had about 40% of their life left (after five years!), but the rotors had warped, so it made sense to replace them anyway while they were taken apart and the rotors were turned. I tried to do the job myself the other day, but one of the bolts holding the driver’s side caliper on was in so tight I broke three sockets trying to loosen it. Decided to call in the professionals at that point.

The rotors on my pickup are also warped. I’m frustrated – I keep warping rotors! The guy at the shop says it’s being done by shops who don’t hand-tighten the wheels when they take them off and put them back on. I’ll need to be a bit more vigilant about that. I’m sick of wobbly brakes.

Heading down the Edwards on Wednesday evening for our Thursday meeting. I’m driving, as usual. It really doesn’t take any more time than flying, and I enjoy it more anyway. Looking forward to it.

And it’s time for bed. I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this heartwarming toilet news: toilet sweet home.

See you tomorrow.

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