Mercury pilot

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two at the controls of a Mercury space capsule. Not too much room in there. Picture taken at the Chabot Science Center. Part of my famous Machinery series.

I am so ready to be done with work for the year and start wassailing and chestnut-roasting and tinsel-draping and caroling and figgy-pudding-eating and all that.

But it’s not to be. Not quite yet. Two more days.

The week’s second luncheon went well. We went to one of those fondue restaurants (link note: the good reviews all look suspiciously written by the restaurant owners, don’t they?) in downtown Sunnyvale. The food was pretty good – I enjoyed my self-seared ahi tuna – and the service was . . . ummm . . . ordinary. Certainly not excellent. But I’ve had worse. Not too often, though.

Anyway. The cooking part of the meal was interesting. Appetizers were dipped in a pot of cheesy creamy sauce. Dessert was dipped in a pot of dark chocolatey pepperminty creamy sauce. But the meat was cooked on individual hot rocky slabs. Everybody seemed satisfied when it was over and nobody was rushed to the hospital with third-degree burns, so it appears to have been a success. And the program appears to have paid for it all.

Would I go back to that restaurant? I wouldn’t avoid it, certainly, and it was interesting and different. But there are a whole lot of other places I would definitely choose first. It was just kind of . . . bland.

Not much else new today. I attempted to cash my annual Prudential dividend check after lunch. Some years ago, they changed from a mutual insurance company to a publicly-held corporation. They gave me three shares of stock. Every year, I get a hefty dividend check – this year’s was $1.74. I cash it and buy a sandwich or a car or something. I presented this year’s check to my friendly teller this afternoon and it was returned to me uncashed. It seems they post-dated it to December 19. Sigh. A whole nother trip to the bank for a measly buck seventy four.

Haven’t decided how to spend the money this year. Loyal Reader suggestions are welcome. And will be treated with the respect they deserve.

We’re off to the Oakland airport tonight for Loyal Reader Number One’s arrival! Everbody’s looking forward to it. Safe travels, LRN1!

See you tomorrow.

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