Here’s the blacksmith at the Victorian Farm. I love blacksmith shops. We mentioned to this guy that his shop must be a nice place to be on a cold winter day. He said it’s not too bad in the summer either, other than right by the fire. Picture courtesy of the famous Treo-cam. Part of my famous Machinery series.

One more day of work. Must . . . survive . . . one . . . more . . . day. Today’s luncheon was okay – potluck is never my favorite, but there were a few good things.

Loyal Reader Number One finally got home this morning. They canceled his flight last night due to the lack of a pilot. Apparently, the snow in Las Vegas pretty much closed the airport and his pilot never made it to Salt Lake. He called his uncle at about midnight and spent the night at their house. He got out on this morning’s 10:00 flight. Welcome home, LRN1! At least you weren’t on Flybe Airlines.

I briefly considered buying myself this additional gift for Christmas. I’m afraid it might make the Loyal Pets see me as meat, though. So I’ll probably skip it.

No controversy, no toilet news, no food attack news. Maybe tomorrow.

No more for tonight. It was Thursday Meeting Night, and it’s late. See you tomorrow.

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