Mighty steed

Following up on yesterday’s Great Art, here’s a fearsome steed from the Los Gatos caroussel. In fact, this was my Personal, Private Horse. He tried to throw me several times, but I showed him who was boss.

I’m enjoying having the comments on the main page. It makes it feel much more like a conversation than before. Keep making those comments, Loyal Readers!

Loyal Reader Number Four spent a lot of time today getting some of the details of the new house lined up – insurance, power, water, sewer, garbage, phone, internet, television, and . . . and . . . maybe that’s it. Still, that’s a lot, and she did great work on it. It looks like the combination of phone/DSL/satellite is somewhat cheaper and probably better than phone/cable modem/cable TV. The big kicker is that the Comcast people don’t include TCM with their basic service here, and the DirecTV people do include BYU TV. Who can argue with that? DSL is a little cheaper than cable internet, but I’m really worried about the speed. Still, it might be worth it to give them a chance. Besides, I’m really sick of Comcast’s brand of service.

Loyal Reader Number One got a book called Applied Cryptography at the library today. I enjoy the topic and hope he does too. Maybe we’ll see some new crypto programs coming from Gardenville Software soon.

Early finish tonight. Hasta manana.

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