Horse in the leather mask

It kind of looks like this poor caroussel horse is trapped in a full-body leather mask, doesn’t it? Poor thing. I wonder what he did.

Tomorrow is a big day for us! We’re doing both the house and pool walkthroughs up in Lardville, and the boys are going to Salida for their School Induction Ceremony. I think they have to take a test or something. We have to leave pretty early, so I have to get up on schedule on my vacation day! That’s just wrong.

We watched a DVD with a bunch of old Monk episodes tonight. Always enjoyable. The three of us boys also got haircuts. We look great, if I do say so myself.

The History Channel is running shows about pirates. I think it’s merely a coincidence that Disney is releasing their big pirate movie this week, don’t you? I wonder if those guys ever wrapped a horse in leather. Bad people.

Bedtime seems to come earlier every night. See you tomorrow, with news on the multiple walkthroughs.

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