Here’s a picture from the Secret Undisclosed Location, courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Two. I won’t reveal the exact function of this room except to say that we expect a lot of rumpusing to go on there.

It turns out that one of my brothers-in-law is a little more famous than I had realized. Way to go, Loyal Reader Number Zero! On the other hand, my father isn’t doing very well at all.

Well, we made it through the induction ceremony – turns out it was more for the parents than the kids! – and the house and pool walkthroughs. We detected a small mistake in the pool design, which they have agreed to fix before construction begins. We also found several nits but no really serious problems in the house. This builder really seems to make a quality product. Check back with me in a year or so and see if that opinion still holds.

Anyway, we’re all exhausted. Poor little Belle had to spend the entire day in her box, but she seems fine tonight.

The one problem with going to the walkthrough is that we’re now more anxious than ever to get moved in. The place is beautiful and relatively roomy (could be better, but it’ll be just fine) and we are really ready to have our own things and our own home again. There is a lot of landscaping and interior designing to be done, and we’re anxious to get started doing it. Only two more weeks and it’s all ours!

We got a call from Loyal Reader Number Five around mid-day. She had apparently recently been to see her doctor, and she now knows the gender (link warning – cute baby picture that doesn’t disclose any Top Secret Information) of her baby! I’m not telling, of course, but she can feel free to add an appropriate comment if she chooses. All I can say is that I’m really excited about the whole thing. We need to start buying baby presents right away! I wonder how (he or she) would like a new computer. Or maybe a 42-inch plasma television. (He or she) could use them whenever (he or she) comes to visit us. I think I’ll get that neat-o baby wipe heater to keep at (his or her) house.

Well, I want to read some tonight, so bye.

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