Round the bend

Here’s yet another picture of the little train we rode several days ago. I think this looks just like some of your more famous train pictures, don’t you? What a great train.

Today was my off Friday, so I only worked about five hours and then did one phone call at home. Easy day! Man is the work piling up there. Extended Bearing Down is required just to keep up there.

Spent some time with Loyal Readers One and Two in the pool this afternoon. Great relaxation. Later, Loyal Reader Number Four and I went to the grocery store to buy food for the boys and I to eat while she’s away on her girls’ trip next week. We have plenty of TV dinners, taquitos, popsicles, and breakfast food. We’ll survive. On the opposite side of the spectrum, she made us a great dinner tonight. I figure she wants to create a contrast between when she’s here and when she’s not, causing us to miss her more. Not necessary, of course, but the difference will probably be dramatic indeed. I’m sure we’ll enjoy our TV dinners, though.

Inspired by Design On a Dime, I’ve decided to work on a Computer On a Dime. I want a reasonably-powered Linux machine for experimenting, and I’m trying to figure out how to get it for two hundred bucks or less. I’m looking for a 2 GHz motherboard and processor for about a hundred dollars, an eighty or hundred gigabyte hard drive for fifty bucks, 512 MB of memory for thirty dollars, and a case for about twenty. I have a CD drive already. This is really a challenge, but I think we’ll be able to do it. Loyal Readers are invited to keep an eye out for sales and let me know. Or they could just donate hardware if they prefer.

Phase two of this project will be a case mod. Loyal Reader ideas for this phase are also invited.

A quiet weekend is planned. We take LRN4 to the airport on Saturday afternoon and go to Manteca for church and to pick up the modified pool plans on Sunday. Otherwise, we’re pretty much unplanned. Maybe something fun will come up.

Otherwise, see you on Monday. Have a great weekend.

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