Mother of the groom – Dec. 31, 2004


Here’s Shannon hosting Paul and Melissa’s wedding in our house in Virginia. What a great day that was. And doesn’t Shannon look beautiful? The bride was also beautiful, incidentally. Also talented, capable, and kind. Paul married very well. But for my money, the real star is right here in this picture. Slightly fuzzy Great Art courtesy of my good old Minolta camera, taken by Mark, and part of my famous Shannon and Event series.

As predicted this morning yesterday, we had blackened tilapia, steamed vegetables, and tossed salad for dinner tonight. It was delicious! Even Mark loved it. Blackened tilapia is really easy to make, as it turns out. I have no plans for tomorrow yet, but I’m leaning towards either something that will use a large chicken breast I have in the freezer or spaghetti. Decisions, decisions.

No dinner plans need to be made for Saturday. Cruise time!

Of course, I’ll need to get to the store right after I get home because I don’t think we’ll have all that much left to eat by then. I really need to figure out what food we actually have around here and then figure out how to cook it. So much to think of and to figure out.

I really missed Shannon this evening. I was so excited about making an actual good meal that I was dying to tell her about it. She would have been so proud of me and my little minor accomplishment. She would have lavished praise on me, and she would have meant it. She was the only person I’ve ever had that I could talk to. She was my only friend, really. She was the only person welcome into my personal space, both physically and emotionally. I love the kids and I love my brothers and sisters and I can talk to any of them, of course, but Shannon was my confidant. I miss her. I want her back. I just don’t know how to live without her.

But I will live without her. I won’t get her back, but I will go on. My new life is underway. It’s okay to keep missing her. But I won’t get her back.

Okay, that’s it for that subject for now. Cruise preparations continue at a leisurely pace. I did a bit of thinking about weather this morning. It’s supposed to be beautiful in Mexico the whole time we’re there, but Los Angeles is predicted to have some pretty strong rain with high surf warnings on Saturday. So I ran over to Walgreen’s and got some Dramamine. Just in case the going gets a bit rough that first day or so. Don’t want to have to miss my evening chocolate melting cake that first night.

Shannon’s death certificates arrived today. I got 12 copies. That was probably way more than I needed, but I was advised to get several. Everybody seems to need one. I’ve already sent one off to my former employer in order to get my retirement income raised to the “no survivor benefit” level. I also sent one to our life insurance company. I’ll also need another one for the Social Security people. I think our bank will need one too. That leaves me with eight spares. Yeah, I think I got more than I needed.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: drug-addled pigeon!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Paul Says:

    Great picture! I loved our wedding, and I’m still shocked that such a sweet wonderful woman wanted to marry me. What are the odds?

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