Entire family – Dec 31, 2003


Here’s my family all together on New Year’s Eve 2003. Lots of things have changed for all of us since then – we’re all ten years older, for one. You can see the huge difference in the younger kids especially. Shannon’s gone, of course. We’re spread out across the country. But lots of things are still the same. We still love each other and have an incredible bond. That will never change. Great Art courtesy of my old Minolta camera, taken at our home in Virginia by parties unknown (maybe I took it using the timer), and part of my famous Shannon series.

Wonders of WordPress today. I was just too tired last night when it was time to write. So I’m faking it.

Not a lot went on today. Oh – I actually did a little bit of work! I had some modifications to make to the videos found on the PhotoDoc website. Needed to group them by function. Got that done. Yea for me. There’s still a ton more to do.

I’ve been wondering lately if I should even be bothering to work. I think I have enough money to live on, although I’m not sure the amount is future-proof. That kind of depends on the rate of inflation in the future, I guess. The issue is that I’m not feeling incredibly motivated. I’m inclined to believe it’s because of recent events, but I just don’t know. I guess I ought to let some more water run under the bridge before I decide to pull the plug. I also really need to decide where to channel my efforts. I already have too many projects in the works.

Mark and I went grocery shopping yesterday to buy food for him to eat while I’m gone. We didn’t get all that much food. Don’t starve, Mark!

I don’t think he will. There’s plenty of cereal and milk.

I made a kind of lame dinner tonight – cooked a pound of ground turkey and added some corn. Then I made some mole (well, I boiled some water and added pre-made mole sauce) and added it to the concoction. I heated up some too-old tortillas and we made tacos. It was good! But I really need to start planning better. Thursday’s plan: tilapia, steamed vegetables, and tossed salad. I have a bunch of tilapia and would like to use it. Need to find a blackened tilapia recipe.

And I really need to get to work, so I’ll end this very brief post with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: world’s fluffiest bunny!

See you tomorrow.

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    The rabbit has nothing on Shrek:


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