Sixth anniversary – Dec 28, 1984

Morrows Dec 28 1984

Here’s my family on Shannon’s and my sixth anniversary – December 28, 1984. Katie was nearly five years old and Paul was just a little more than a year old. I have no idea where we were on that day, but we may have been in Southern California for the holidays. My memory is pretty vague, but I managed to schedule my interview with General Dynamics in San Diego sometime in that time frame. We lived in Texas in 1984, where I was finishing school at Texas A&M University. So this could be somewhere in Texas. Or it could be somewhere else. I’m pretty sure we weren’t in Michigan, though. No jackets. Great Art courtesy of an unknown party, recently featured on my Facebook page, and part of my famous Shannon series.

I love these pictures of Shannon. I don’t ever want to stop looking at them.

Got a haircut today. I had no idea where to go – Shannon had cut my hair for years before she got sick and she continued to cut it even when we were home in Las Vegas last year. I had a decent barber shop in Duarte, but not here. So I looked around a little and found a place nearby called Sport Clips. It’s a chain, of course, but it was a decent haircut. Since it was my first visit, they upgraded me to the Double MVP haircut. I liked the hot towel. Also the shoulder massage. Also the shampoo. The prices are a bit high and they do seem just a bit too anxious to up-sell there, but I think I’ll probably go back.

I have very bushy hair. I feel SO much better after I get a haircut. The lady who cut my hair told me she has a lot of customers who would love to have my bushy hair problem. So I have that going for me.

I went to the store to get a new swimsuit for the cruise. Found two I like, so I bought them both. Now I don’t need to buy any more swimsuits for a few years. Shopping is easy!

Although I did have to try on a few sizes. I had no idea what size I wear. Shannon has bought all my clothes for many years. I found the right size and came home. I had a look inside the waistband of one of my most recent pairs of jeans and found out what size pants I wear. Good information.

I feel so helpless. But I’m starting to learn. I could have done all this stuff before. But Shannon just took care of me. She just made my life easier in every way she could. She wanted to. She never stopped. I was so pampered, so loved, so cared for. I still feel it. I hope our children feel it too.

No work again today. I really need to get some stuff done. I’ll just try again tomorrow.

The cruise starts in 3 days. I can’t think of anything else I need to buy, other than maybe a little food for Mark to eat while I’m gone. Need to make my packing list, pack, fill the car, and go!

Our homeowners’ association notified me today that they’re naming the little park in our neighborhood the Shannon Morrow Community Park. They’re making a plaque and having a dedication ceremony sometime soon. They’re also sponsoring a team at this year’s Light the Night walk for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, also named in honor of Shannon. She was on the association board of directors. I’m overwhelmed at their generosity and concern for Shannon. Mark and I have signed up for the walk in November and it looks like Katie and Chris might be there with us. Very touching.

And that’s it for today. I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: mackerel battering!

See you tomorrow.

6 Responses to “Sixth anniversary – Dec 28, 1984”

  1. Julie Pita Says:

    What a beautiful tribute to have a park named after her!

  2. Katy Says:

    “…woken from his nap after being fish slapped by a woman using a mackerel.” I think I will add the Fish Slap to my standard “moves.”

  3. Katy Says:

    P.S. that’s Paul, not Andy! 🙂

  4. michael Says:

    Well, I knew it was one of those four-letter names. Sorry, Paul and Andy! I’ll figure out who’s who one of these days.

  5. michael Says:

    Also, I just fixed the post. But Katy was right – the post originally identified Paul as Andy.

  6. Paul Says:

    I’m not even sure who I am, so it’s only natural for you to be confused sometimes.

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