Mountain view

Here’s a small portion of the view from Loyal Reader Number Four’s brother’s house in Salt Lake. Very pretty.

Fear not, Loyal Readers! I haven’t dropped off the edge of the earth. There was no blogging the last few days because the Loyal Grandpa was visiting us, and we spent every evening chatting. Until way too late every night, in fact. Grandpa pushed on further west this morning, though, so I’m back into my routine. Sorry about all the missed blogging and Great Art opportunities.

Let’s talk briefly about last weekend’s trip, shall we? We had a very nice trip. The drive took roughly eleven hours each way, which is doable on a long weekend, but not quite as convenient as the drive from Denver was. The drive is kind of interesting. It gets prettier and prettier as you go west through California from Sacramento. You climb fairly high into the mountains (over 6,000 feet), go through large pine forests, and pass some beautiful lakes. It just gets prettier and prettier. And there’s some interesting history up there too.

Then you cross into Nevada. And it gets immediately brown, flat, and ugly. It’s amazing. Now don’t get me wrong – the desert can be lovely – stark beauty and all that – and there are mountains in various places to break up the landscape, although you never climb any of them. Utah has the salt flats and even larger mountains (none of which you actually climb either). The salt flats are fascinating. I would love to go there when the land speed record cars are driving on them.

Grandma’s play was very nice. It was definitely an amateur production, with some performances much better than others, but it was very nice overall. She was very good, the woman who played her sister was very good, and her son Joel was outstanding. We really enjoyed the play.

Was it worth the trip to Utah? Sure.

It’s late once again and I have to get up early for a temple trip, so I’ll discuss the vacation more on Monday. Have a great weekend.

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