Here’s a picture of Reader Number Two in the fort overlooking Nassau, Bahamas. We had a lot of fun on our Cruise, but didn’t actually think much of Nassau. I doubt we’d go ashore there if we had it to do over again.

I went and watched Reader Number Two’s theatrical performance this morning. It was cute. I was supposed to go help my friend Mike put up some blinds afterwards, but he cancelled. Had to find things to do on my own instead. Somehow I managed. Luckily, I didn’t do anything useful, other than work on the blog a little bit. Got the Flickr link up – have a look (the morrowlife photo collection over there, on the right)!

Katie (A.K.A. Reader Number Five) sent a link to Gary’s and her new website. It looks nice to me. I hope it makes them a million bucks. And that they remember their dear old dad.

Speaking of Gary, the good news just keeps rolling in! He’s Reader Number Six!!! Welcome. We’ll get you picture up Real Soon Now. Make a comment! I really mean it. Really.

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