Rock climber

Here’s another rock climbing picture. That was the coolest place! I don’t remember which state park it’s in – maybe Worlds End.

I haven’t found a picture of Reader Number Six yet. I know I have one or two around, but they’re on a different computer, I believe. Number Six, if you’re reading this, feel free to send me a picture to be Prominently Featured.

Tonight is another Short Shrift night. I realized this afternoon that I failed to read my 25 pages of the Old Testament on Sunday. Not that there wasn’t enough time for it – we got a foot and a half of snow overnight on Saturday and church was cancelled yesterday. The four of us spent a few hours working hard to clear the driveway (I think we have snow piled up about five feet high in one place) and spent pretty much the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying a nice fire. Andy and I went over to visit Mike and Teresa Bement and enjoyed using four-wheel-drive on the plowed but still snow-covered roads.

The roads were sufficiently clear this morning to make it easy to get to work. Andy’s school start was delayed this morning, so there was no seminary. Things should be totally back to normal tomorrow morning, and we’re expecting temperatures to get back over 50 degrees by Friday. That will probably make things pretty sloppy for a while – might as well not wash the car for a few weeks. That’s an unfortunate thing for the truck – I drove it today and it’s absolutely filthy now.

Anyway, I need to get reading and do a little work on the scout troop’s plans, so I’m done here. So you tomorrow.

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