Nuk girl

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve once again, sucking her Nuk and getting back to her favorite hobby. The rebellion is over. Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five, as usual.

I’m using the Wonders of Blogger again – there was a movie on last night that kept me too distracted to blog. No problem, though – it’s a nice quiet Saturday morning and very conducive to creating Great Literary Art.

Work is over for the year! I left at about 11:00 Friday morning and have been enjoying the day ever since. Now we can start having fun.

Speaking of fun, Loyal Readers Numbers Three and Fifteen arrived this evening after a safe but long trip. Everybody’s here now and we’re having a great time together. LRN3 and LRN15 brought us our Christmas present – a cute little corn snake named Fluffy. She (we have no idea which it is, but we’re calling it a girl) also came with a cage, fortunately. We need to get to the store sometime today to buy some bedding and frozen dead mice for her – yum! She has to be fed on Monday. And what better way is there to say “Merry Christmas” than by watching a snake eat a dead mouse?

– Later –

It’s Saturday evening now and it was museum day, just as Loyal Reader Number Sixteen mentioned in her comment to yesterday’s post. They went to the Henry Ford museum; we went to the Cable Car museum and Chinatown. It was fun going down to San Francisco. We went over the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. We saw the piers along the Embarcadero. We had a view of Alcatraz way out in the bay. We ate lunch at an outstanding Chinese restaurant in the heart of Chinatown. We drove down Lombard street.

And we enjoyed the museum, although its scope was somewhat limited. It had only three actual cable cars, including the oldest one in existence. There were several very nicely-made streetcar models that were only rendered slightly irrelevant by the fact that they were models of electric streetcars, not cable cars. There was an interesting historical movie, some great photos of the devastation from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, and a fairly large gift shop. But the best thing by far is that all that stuff was on the mezzanine overlooking the actual motors used to run all the cables that drag along all the cable cars in San Francisco. It was kind of loud but very industrial and cool. I’m glad we went.

And that’s enough for today. Look for an update on Christmas day and have a Very Merry Christmas!

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