Rebel yell

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Twelve yet again, this time in protest mode. Fight The Man, LRN12! Power to the people!

Okay, I admit it. She was just yawning. But it kind of looks like she’s Fighting The Man, doesn’t it? Photo courtesy of Loyal Reader Number Five, by the way.

Well, well, well. What a red-letter day it is. We have two more Loyal Readers, bringing the total to a nice, round nineteen. Welcome to Scott and Matt. I’m delighted you’re here. As is usual, your names are Over There On The Right, and your Very Special Days will come as soon as I receive/find a picture. Feel free to send one that you think shows you in a positive light (if possible). Otherwise, I’ll try to dig something up. At any rate, thanks for reading, and stay Loyal!

I’m pleased to report that we got our testing finished up and shipped our software this afternoon. That means my Merry Men can take the day off tomorrow. And I can take half the day off. Not too shabby. Well, not as shabby as it could have been, anyway. After tomorrow, I’m home for a week!

I have plans, big plans. I’m planning to stay up a little too late and wake up a little too late. I’m also planning to get some work done on all of the cars. And I’m even planning to make some things, starting with a pummer or two. Not to mention doing some cool things with my Arduino and playing with my mountain of Christmas presents. And of course I’ll be generating some Morrowlife Great Art. Those pictures don’t just take themselves, you know. The days will just be packed.

We finally got a little bit of action from the moving company on paying for all the stuff they broke and/or lost last August. No, they didn’t actually send a check, but they did send a nice letter telling us they plan to send a check Real Soon Now. That’s progress, anyway.

Congrats to Loyal Reader Number Seventeen on her major award. A thousand bucks is a pretty cool Christmas surprise. Send me a present! Something extravagant would be appropriate.

And many thanks to Loyal Reader Number Sixteen for her highly effective recruitment efforts. The Morrowlife blog has never had it so good. Maybe you should consider going to work for the Marines.

And how nice it is to hear from Loyal Reader Number Seven. I had a feeling you were still reading but just not finding time to post.

Time for bed, once again. See you tomorrow.

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