Here’s one of my favorite ocean views, taken at Big Sur, of course. Hopefully, this picture is sharp. And there are no birds.

I’m sleepy! So there will be very little here.

Good day at work. I got several things done that had been sitting on the to-do list for a while. The outbound drive was unusually quick, partly making up for the long return trip in the afternoon. There certainly seems to be a cosmic traffic rule around here: short morning/long evening or long morning/short evening. Never short/short, but rarely long/long.

Let’s see, anything else? Oh yeah, I finally went swimming today! It was in the upper 80’s when I got home and I was feeling pretty hot. The pool water was at 74 degrees, which isn’t exactly warm, but it was easy(ish) to get used to. I heated up the jacuzzi and Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two came outside and got in with me. We enjoyed the cold water as well as the hot. I’m predicting that within just a few days the pool will be warm enough to be really comfortable. I’m looking forward to coming home from work and having a quick dip before dinner. Or maybe after dinner. Or maybe both. Who knows?

Time for bed. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

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