Old church


Here’s an old church.  Beautiful old place., isn’t it?  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken … umm … somewhere … I think it’s downtown Philadelphia … maybe LRN4 remembers, taken last September, and part of my famous Architecture series.

Do you remember where we saw this place, LRN4?  Maybe our Philly architecture tour?

Another great day.  LRN29 came up from San Diego, as is her wont on Tuesdays.  Thanks, LRN29!  She accompanied LRN4 to her daily clinic appointment at 8:00.  After they got back, I left them to their own devices for a couple hours while I went back to Cousin Betsy’s house to pick up my forgotten computer.  Picking up the computer didn’t take two hours per se, but I also took the opportunity to help Betsy finish getting her shiny new MacBook Pro set up.  Last night, I got the transfer of her old files from their old PC started.  It finished overnight, but moved all the files into two new user accounts.  Today’s activities involved moving the files from the PC-based accounts to Betsy’s Mac-based account.  Took a little while, but it went well.  There may be a little cleanup left to do, but I’m pretty sure we’ll get together again sometime before LRN4 and I go home.  And thanks again for the great dinner and birthday party yesterday, Betsy and Bob!  It felt really great to get out and do something normal.

Any thoughts from my Loyal Readers as to how I should spend the Amazon and iTunes gift cards I received for my birthday?  I want to buy the funnest things there!

Spent the afternoon not doing much.  LRN4 took a much-needed nap that stretched from the planned half hour to I’m not sure how long.  I think she feels a bit better for it.  We had an excellent chicken dinner and watched a few episodes of [amazon asin=B002N5N4DA&text=Drop Dead Diva] this evening.  LRN16 sent us a few seasons of the show, which we had never heard of before.  One-sentence review: it’s fun!

A little bit of additional information on yesterday’s great news (excerpt from a note I sent the family yesterday): [LRN4]’s white blood count is 4,900 cells/microliter today.  That’s well within the normal range.  Her neutrophil count is normal as well.  The lymphocyte count is still low, but that’s expected.  The anti-rejection medication she’s taking keeps that number low.  The result is that she’s more susceptible to viral infections than normal, but she’s taking medication for that.  Last week’s viral infection test came back negative.  Her red cells and platelets are coming up a bit more slowly, but are well within the normal recovery limits.  She may need to continue to get transfusions for a bit, though.

My mom and LRN9 arrive tomorrow night!  We won’t see them until Thursday morning, but we’re getting excited for their visit.  Sometime on Thursday, LRN23 and my new sister-in-law arrive!  Then, on Saturday, LRN17 is coming!  Lots of Loyal Reader visits.  I can’t wait to see everybody.  We need to figure out what we’re going to do for food, but we’ll work it out.  LRN4 isn’t supposed to eat in restaurants for a few months, so we need to make all of her food here.  Unfortunately, the apartment isn’t really a good place for a crowd.  We might end up going over to the clubhouse here at the Village to eat.  Or maybe we’ll just make it work in the apartment.  Or possibly something else.

And that’s about it for today.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: aiding and abetting fox and boar.  Two positions are open.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I don’t remember for sure, but my best guess would be that we saw the church during our architecture walk in Philly. It’s a pretty impressive building!

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