Old tractor


Here’s an old tractor.  A very old tractor, in fact.  Powered by steam.  There’s a picture of one just like it at Wikipedia.  This one was just sitting in the parking lot of the place where LRN4 and I walked through the corn maze last Halloween.  In the parking lot.  Amazing.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken at a farm somewhere in New Jersey, and part of my famous Machinery series.

Fine day today.  I got a little work on my upcoming iOS app done, but I spent the majority of my work time reviewing iOS training videos.  It’s been several months since I spent any time on iOS programming, and with my recent and ongoing work on Windows development, I needed to clear my mind, so to speak.  Mind now clear and a tiny bit of foundational progress made on the new app. It needs to be released by August 1, so time’s a-wastin’.  Also, I need to be spending pretty much full time on my Windows app.  Hmm.

LRN4 is doing very well today.  She’s having continuing problems with her feet – the last cancer treatments really messed them up, and some of those chickens are coming home to roost a bit.  She has peeling skin, swelling, and a very painful toenail, which she is afraid might be getting ready to fall out.  I’m taken aback by the very thought.  As soon as we’re sure we’re through with the suffering, something else comes along.  Oh, how I wish I could do something to make it all better.

On the positive side, did I mention she’s in remission?  She’ll be fully recovered before too long, we’ll go home, and our lives will resume.  As usual, she’s tough.

Last I checked, both LRN9 and my mother are in the air on their way to Los Angeles.  They’re in separate planes, having come from Orlando and Detroit, respectively.  I just checked, and LRN9 should be on the ground in about 13 minutes.  My mom will be a couple hours behind.  They’ll be here until Sunday, after which they’re both heading for Florida: LRN9 to go home and Mom to visit for three weeks.  Sounds pleasant.

Just ordered a [amazon asin=B00068EXQ8&text=beard trimmer] from Amazon.  I have a fairly nice one at home, but I’m not at home and my poor scraggly beard is in desperate need of a trim.  It should be here by the weekend, so my suffering is nearly over.

And that’s about it for today.  Daily walks are curtailed due to foot difficulties, so we’ve been reading, writing, cooking, eating, and napping today.  Not too shabby.

I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: outlaw monkey!

See you tomorrow.

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