On the tracks

Here’s Loyal Reader Number Two straying onto the tracks, just a little too close to that oncoming train. I think that’s a clear violation of some safety standard or two. Fortunately, he made it okay.

No comments the last couple of days. I guess all my Loyal Readers are busy enjoying their Christmas break. As am I.

We hung around today. That’s about it. This evening, we watched two movies we had received for Christmas from Loyal Reader Number Four’s brother and then jacuzzified after dinner. Pleasant day. Tomorrow’s plans are open, but I believe they include leaving the house for at least a little while. I also need to get to some of my projects before there’s no holiday left.

Speaking of which, today was my sixth day off. Wow! I’m back to work one week from today.

About the movies. They sent us “cleaned up” versions, so we knew they would be acceptable. We received The Ultimate Gift and Touching the Void. The latter was a really intense true story of a two-man mountain climbing expedition that went very wrong. It was shot in documentary style, which was an interesting touch. Even though you know both climbers survived because you see them talking about it, you really wonder how they’ll make it. Very well done. However, I looked it up and discovered the original movie was rated R, so if you can’t find the cleaned up version, I don’t recommend it.

The Ultimate Gift was another intense movie for completely different reasons. Very touching, very heartwarming. The movie’s website treats it more like a way of life than a show. In spite of that, I highly recommend the movie, which was originally rated PG, so I don’t think they cut anything out of our version.

About the censored versions of movies. There was a company in Utah that made and sold them and had a pretty brisk business going. The movie studios sued them out of existence, so LRN4’s brother’s wife bought a bunch of movies during the closeout sale. I’m not sure why the studios shut them down, other than just to harass good people. They claimed the company was destroying their “artistic vision” or something like that. They don’t seem to mind destroying it themselves for the versions they show on airplanes and television, though. Totally irrational.

Anyway. Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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