Train wreck

Here’s the aftermath of yesterday’s Great Art. Poor Loyal Reader Number Two is now nothing but nose art. Hopefully, he’ll recover soon. I’m sorry to have to share this tragedy with my Loyal Readers.

Loyal Reader Number Five has suggested that I number the list of my Loyal Readers over there on the right for your convenience, since the list is now so long. I’ve thought about it once before but rejected it, preferring to keep the mystery alive. What do my other Loyal Readers think? Would you like to see your names and numbers associated with each other?

It was another great day at home. We did get out to the Manteca museum for a little while this afternoon. It’s a fairly small building – an old church, actually – but it’s jam packed with Important Artifacts. The fun thing was that the docents were all long-time Lardville residents and they knew everyone and everything about this town. Most of it was probably true, to boot. We enjoyed the visit.

Right before our visit the water softener repair guy came and (finally) repaired our water softener. It had stopped working right a few months ago, and Loyal Reader Number Four called it in about a month ago. They came out and discovered that a rarely-broken part was broken; it’s a gear that makes the recharging cycle go. They didn’t stock the part (since it’s so rarely broken), so they ordered a new one. The wrong one came, so they reordered it. General Electric sent it to the wrong repair shop, so they reordered it again. It finally came, it’s been installed, and the water should be soft by tomorrow. We’re relieved.

And I have no more to write about tonight. See you tomorrow.

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