One last bird picture

Here’s yet another in my famous seagull series. If you look really carefully, I’m sure you can see some birds in there somewhere.

Another day, another small fortune. Gee, it’s great working for a big company. Sunny this morning, cloudy this afternoon, with scattered showers predicted for right about the time I’ll be getting off the train. Fortunately, it’s only about a one minute walk from the train to the car, as opposed to the ten minutes required to get from the bus stop to the office.

Speaking of which, I wimped out and took the shuttle bus this afternoon from the office back to the bus stop. One happened along just as I was leaving the building, so I hopped on. No exercise for me this afternoon. It turned out to be a good thing; I had a small personal luggage disaster this morning. Years of abuse finally took their toll on my rolling briefcase. Half of the handle fell off. It gave its life for commuting. This afternoon, I moved everything over to the briefcase that came with my computer. It’s nothing special, but it’s not bad either. It does not, however, have wheels. It must be carried. Which gives me even more health-giving exercise twice a day. Maybe more than I really want to get. We’ll see. At any rate, both my birthday and Father’s Day are coming up next month. I now have something for my wish list. Unless I just go ahead and buy myself a new roller before then.

Nothing much else to talk about today. We delivered the product that was planned for today on schedule, so it will be a quiet weekend, work-wise. My people are happy.

Loyal Reader Number Four was introduced today to another person who got ripped off by the Landscaping Idiots. They’re working with the local prosecutor to get these people prosecuted. Which, it turns out, is what prosecutors do. It seems they have no license and they’ve become somewhat well-known in certain circles for doing a little bit of incredibly shoddy work, grabbing as much money as they can get, and disappearing. The prosecutor is looking for additional people to file complaints. Sign us up! We feel very fortunate to have gotten as much out of them as we have. The cement isn’t the finish we contracted for (they turned out to be incapable of applying the salt finish they contracted for), but attempt number two appears to be of sufficient quality that it won’t fall apart within the first six months.

The house people were working on various warranty items today – that’s how LRN4 heard about the other ripped-off homeowner. Hopefully, they will have fixed my sink, which has had a very strange problem since we moved in. When you get enough water into the sink to cover the drain, air bubbles get trapped in there and it won’t drain quickly. If you lift up the stopper higher than usual, the air comes out and it drains immediately. I’ve been guessing that the sink’s vent is blocked, but that’s just a guess. I hope to find out the truth when I get home this evening.

Enough blabbering for today. See you tomorrow.

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