Gratuitous baby picture

Here’s a slightly sick Loyal Reader Number Twelve and her Loyal Grandma. I know how to bring those Loyal Readers in, don’t I? Gratuitous baby pictures, that’s the ticket.

There’s a beautiful afternoon outside the train window. As opposed to this morning. It was dry on the way to the station, during the wait for the train, during the train trip, during the walk to the bus, and during 99.5% of the bus ride. It started raining hard just before the bus door opened. I made the ten-minute walk to the office and got pretty well soaked. It stopped raining not long after I got inside. Oh well. I kind of enjoyed the very wet walk and eventually dried out. No harm done. My briefcase, lunch, and I were certainly wet, though.

I listened this morning to a LibriVox Mark Twain story that I had never read before! I thought I had read everything he wrote. The story’s called Taming the Bicycle. Very amusing. I invite my Loyal Readers to see if they can find a copy online. If so, read it!

As my Loyal Readers may have guessed, yesterday’s discussion of LibriVox led me to take another look and download some more Twain books. I downloaded The Innocents Abroad and a few short stories. I’ve started working them into my podcast list. Along with all those old-time radio shows I downloaded a couple of months ago. And my backlog of about a hundred other podcasts. And my backlog of another hundred video podcasts. Can’t watch those ones on the iPod, it not being video-capable, but I may copy them to the laptop soon and watch them during the train ride. Great idea!

More train rides are going to happen, by the way. I’m enjoying it more than I thought I might, so I bought a new 20-ride ticket yesterday. At fifteen bucks a day, those rides need to be used. I’m going to start driving on Fridays for a little while and riding the other days. And I might ride on my “on” Fridays as well; Friday afternoon traffic can be a real bear. Less wear and tear on the cars and on me.

It’s Wednesday-go-to-meetin’ night. I need to add a picture and a few links before leaving home, so don’t look for much of a serious effort tonight. Linkage will be sparse. Great Art, however, will be as impressive as usual. I think we can safely say that.

We had telephone interviews with three people today. One seemed like a really good candidate. One was so-so. And one was a space cadet. We still have several more people to speak with, so we’re not ready to rule anybody in or out yet. I certainly hope my boss doesn’t push for the space cadet, though.

Nothing else to mention tonight. See you tomorrow.

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