Here’s LRN2 sitting at the organ in a Protestant church in Modesto a few months ago.  He was playing in the annual spring recital and did an outstanding job, as usual.  Of course.  Since there’s an organ in the picture, and organs are quite complex, beautiful machines, this is officially part of my famous Machinery series.

Another normal day.  Had a one- or two-dollar day at work.  Morning was extremely busy, but I could have accomplished more in the afternoon, I think.

Can’t take too much time tonight.  I want to do a bit of work on the church iPhone project, and it’s already a bit past 8:30.  Need my beauty rest.

Not much else to report.  I don’t remember whether I mentioned the radio antenna on my beloved pickup was stolen the other day.  Or night, I suspect.  Who steals a cheapo radio antenna?  I ask you.  I can get the whole antenna, including the cable, for about ten bucks, so the mast itself must be about five.  Who steals a five-dollar antenna?

Probably someone who had somebody else steal their antenna, I guess.  Well, I’ll buy mine, thanks.  But still, I ask you.

Off to work on the iPhone project.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this important toilet news: look before you sit.

See you tomorrow.

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