Outdoor funhouse

Here’s another look at that waterfall from the other day, this time with Loyal Reader Number One standing in front of it. I still can’t figure out whether I was holding the camera straight or not. On the one hand, the water appears to be leaning to the left. On the other hand, the trees appear to be leaning to the right. On the other hand, LRN1 appears to be pretty much straight up and down. So I guess I got it right. That place was kind of like a giant outdoor funhouse.

Slightly crowded train this afternoon. I swear I can’t figure out where all these people come from. They’re not on the morning train. I guess they just pop into existence sometime during the day. Every day. Or something.

Interviewed a really good candidate from Denver today. We’re going to make him an offer. The only problem is that I already hired somebody under the requisition he applied for, so I opened another requisition yesterday. It turns out a requisition has to be open for a week before you can hire somebody, so I can’t get him an offer until next Tuesday. I’ll let him know what we’re doing and hope for the best. We’re making an offer to a local guy as well. I think we have a fairly good chance of getting him. My boss is very anxious for me to get people in, so these possible acceptances are a Real Good Thing.

Didn’t get much else done today, in between interviewing and offering. I attended a few meetings, ate lunch, and … umm … answered email. Yikes. Must get people hired and get back to working.

The FedEx person tried to deliver my new iPod’s docking station today, but the Loyal Readers were in the back yard when he or she rang the doorbell. They’ll make another attempt tomorrow, and I’ll be leaving a signed note on the door this time. So if there are any Loyal Readers out there inclined to travel to Saindouxville and steal a thirty-dollar docking station, tomorrow’s the day. While you’re here, stop in for dinner.

The new iPod should be here next Monday or so, and the new headphones may be here as early as Thursday. I was amazed that Apple didn’t put everything together in a single package to save on shipping, since they’re paying for it. Then I noticed where the various things are coming from: the iPod was shipped yesterday from the factory in Shanghai, the docking station came from Sacramento yesterday, and the headphones shipped from Pennsylvania last week. I guess that decentralization must save them money somehow, but it sure doesn’t seem like it on the surface.

The other package I’m waiting for is the box with the remaining parts for Mousey the Junkbot. I really should have bought two sets of parts, since I want to make a Mark II version with an Arduino controlling it after I get the first one working. Instead, I’ll just have to Upgrade MtJ v.1 at some point. I spent a little time over the weekend experimenting with simple filters for Junkey to use to efficiently Go Towards the Light. Should be an interesting project.

Many thanks to Loyal Reader Number Sixteen for weighing in on the blog during the past few days. Those Gratituous Baby Pictures do the trick every time.

Time to start watching videos. See you tomorrow.

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